Seismographs & Sound Level Meters

Accudata specialises in the sale and hire of seismographs, sound level meters and water leak detectors.


Accudata offers an extensive range of seismographs for monitoring ground vibration from civil engineering work, piling, compaction, quarry blasting and explosive demolition. Piling activity, for example, often requires the use of seismographs to monitor ground vibration. All our seismographs are easy to use, highly accurate and durable.

Noise Measurement Equipment

Accudata is an official distributor for Pulsar Instruments plc. We provide sound level meters, noise dosimeters, noise activated warning signs and Hand Arm Vibration meters. Our noise measurement equipment is simple to use, compliant and robust.

Water Leak Detectors

The Aquascope-3 Water Leak Detector is easy to use, even by inexperienced operators, due to the use of filters to reduce background static. Using the powerful ground microphone to listen for leak noise, the operator is able to identify audibly and visibly (via an increasing or decreasing number on the LCD screen) for the strongest noise generated by a leaking pipe.

Next Day Delivery

For our clients’ convenience, we provide next day delivery to site using our preferred couriers to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.


All seismographs and sound level meters are calibrated to traceable British Standards. A calibration certificate is included with every instrument supplied.

Accudata Product Range

 Seismographs | Sound Level Meters | Water Leak Detectors

Accudata has a wide range of products for hire and sale for monitoring ground vibration, measuring noise levels and finding water leaks. Click on any box below for further details of our products.

Accudata Ltd Services

 Seismograph sales & rental
Sound Level Meter sales & rental
Noise dosimeter sales and rental
Seismograph and noise measurement equipment service, repair and calibration
Seismograph service, repair and calibration
Water Leak Detector sales and rental
 Ground vibration surveys and monitoring during civil engineering projects
Quarry blast monitoring of test or production blasts
Multi-point blast monitoring for regression line development
Workplace noise assessments
 Industrial and machine noise monitoring

About Accudata

Accudata Limited was established in 2001:

  • aboutTo provide noise and vibration consultancy services
  • To offer sales (worldwide) and hire of environmental monitoring instrumentation including seismographs, noise level meters and water leak detectors

Over this period, we have developed own range of seismographs, the Accudata GVM-1 and Accudata GVM-3 which are available for hire and for sale. Accudata has a range of sound level meters and water leak detectors for sale and hire.
Accudata provides a comprehensive repair, technical support and calibration service for the range of seismographs supplied. The company’s calibration equipment is fully traceable to British and International Standards.
Civil Engineering companies, Local Authorities, Consultants, Quarries, Construction & Piling companies, Drillers & Blasters and Universities are just some of the types of companies in our large client data base.

We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service and support with fast turnaround times.
Please note that the Accudata seismograph range is designed for measuring ground vibration arising from quarry blasts and civil engineering projects. They are not suitable for measuring earthquake activity.