Accudata GVM-1 Seismograph

 The Accudata GVM-1 is a data-logging seismograph.

The GVM-1 seismograph has been designed to measure ground-borne vibration during civil engineering works, eg. piling. It is very easy to use and features a high resolution colour touch screen with an intuitive menu.

Please see the information below for the full specification for the GVM-1. We also have a User Guide and Information sheet which can be downloaded.

This Seismograph is available for hire or for sale. Please contact us for pricing details.

Number of channels 3 (tri-axial, orthogonally mounted)
 Range (Peak Particle Velocity) 0.03 mm/s to 128 mm/s Peak Particle Velocity (PPV)
 Frequency Range  2 -250Hz
Sampling interval (samples per second) 2048
Analogue to Digital Converter 16 bits
Bargraph Mode memory 500 events  (each event may be 24 hours)
Trigger Mode Record time, trigger may be configured between 0.2 & 100mm/s 1- 16 seconds in increments of 2 seconds
Data transfer (direct connection between computer and GVM1 is not necessary) SD Card
External power supply 12v
Internal battery Li-Polymer battery
Battery life (Using Night Mode) 5 days
Display Screen Full colour high resolution touch screen
Keyboard 2 keys membrane
Protection IP-54
Dimensions of the GVM1 Meter 210 x 100 x 40 mm
Dimensions of the carrying case 410 x 320 x 170mm
Weight with carrying case and accessories 4 kg
Working temperature -10ºC to 50ºC
Storing temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
Working humidity Non-condensing
Storing humidity Non-condensing