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NEW Accudata GVM-10 Seismograph

 The Accudata GVM-10 is a data-logging seismograph.

Accudata are delighted to introduce the NEW GVM-10 seismograph which has been designed to monitor ground-borne vibration during Civil Engineering Works and for Blast Monitoring.

Please see the information below for the full specification for the GVM-10. We also have a User Guide and Information sheet which can be downloaded.

This Seismograph is available for hire or for sale. Please contact us for pricing details or use the button below for hire.

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Seismic channels range 0.03 mm/s to 200 mm/s
Seismic channels resolution 0.01 mm/s
 Air over-pressure channel range 2 Pa (100dB) to
502 Pa (148 dB)
Air over-pressure resolution 0.1 Pa
Frequency range – Seismic channels 2 – 250 Hz
Frequency range – Air over-pressure channels 2 – 250 Hz
Seismic transducer’s type Geophones fn = 8 Hz
Transducer’s response correction IIR filter
Number of channels 3 seismic & optional 4th air
over-pressure channel
Sampling rate (samples per second) 1024
Analog to Digital Converter 16 bits
Data storage memory 1000 records
Frequency range 2-250 Hz (ISEE)
1-315 Hz (DIN 45669-1)
Record time 1- 32 seconds in increments of 2
Trigger mode Automatic
Record modes Waveform
Data transfer SD card
External power supply 12 V
Internal power supply Li-ion battery
Battery life 50 hours
Display LCD 4 lines x 20 characters
& 4 LEDs
 Keyboard  Touch panel
8 keys membrane
 Protection  IP-65
 Dimensions (mm)  165x105x55 mm
 Weight (without accessories)  850 grams
 Working temperature  -15 to 50 ºC
 Storage temperature  -20 to 60 ºC
 Working humidity  Non-condensing
 Storage humidity  Non-condensing