Accudata GVM-2 Seismograph

 The Accudata GVM-2 – our most powerful seismograph.

The GVM-2 is designed to measure ground-borne vibration and air over-pressure during quarry blasting or explosive demolition. It is also an ideal instrument for monitoring during civil engineering works such as piling. It is easy to use and is available for hire or sale.

Packed with features, the Accudata GVM-2 is a very powerful seismograph. As well as having a bargraph mode and a trigger mode, the GVM-2 also has a combined mode which allows continuous monitoring in bargraph mode and at the same time also a (user defined) trigger, such that when a user set level of vibration is exceeded, a tri-axial waveform event is recorded for a number of (user-defined) seconds.

GVM-2 Complete Kit

Accudata GVM-2 Specifications

Number of channels4/7
Sample rate 2048
Frequency range (depending on the configuration)1-315 Hz
2-250 Hz
Record Time 1 – 32 s
Trigger modeAutomatic , Manual and External
Data transfer modesUSB Disk , Printer , SMS Messages, WEB Server, FTP Server and E-Mail
Data Storage memory200 MB
External power supply12v
Internal batteryLi-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Display Graphic LCD screen – 128 x 64 pixels
Keyboard8 keys
Dimensions (mm)180 x 220 x 70 mm
Weight 1,9 kg