Accudata Services

Accudata offers noise and vibration consultancy services and provides sales and hire of environmental and workplace monitoring instrumentation such as seismographs and sound level meters.

Our Services

  • Seismograph hire
  • Sound Level Meter hire
  • Water Leak Detector hire
  • Seismograph sales
  • Sound Level Meter sales
  • Water Leak Detector sales
  • Seismograph service, repair and calibration
  • Environmental noise surveys
  • Industrial and machine noise monitoringe
  • Workplace noise assessments
  • Ground vibration surveys and monitoring for civil engineering projects
  • Quarry blast monitoring of test or production blasts
  • Multi-point blast monitoring for regression line development

Next day Delivery

Accudata provides next day delivery to site by courier.


All seismographs and sound level meters are calibrated to traceable British Standards. A calibration certificate is included with every instrument.