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Water Leak Detectors

Ground Microphone & Listening Stick | Aquascope-3

The Aquascope-3 Ground Microphone uses digital technology to provide a superior clear sound quality, which has almost eliminated background static noise.  Using the Aquascope-3 and it’s reduced background static enables new operators to become good leak finders in a short space of time.

Our Water Leak Detectors are available for hire or sales, just give us a call to discuss pricing and terms.

Key Features

Digital leak noise analysis displays real leak noise level
Automatic memorisation of leak noise levels for comparison
Ergonomic amplifier with comfortable waist belt – avoids neck strain
High performance sensor developed for correlation technology
Infinitely adjustable, narrow band-pass filter to suppress ambient noise
Graphical and digital leak information on LCD display with backlight
Robust Ground-Mike with wind-and-ambient sound proofing
Hand-probe for direct ‘contact sounding’ on pipes and fittings
Tri-pod foot for ‘surface sounding’ on soft ground
Robust, field-proof design
Extremely easy to use

Aquascope-3 Sound Files

Cast Iron Leak
Copper Leak
No Leak
Water Meter Turning
Copper Service With Meter Turning
Copper Service
Gphone with Bird
Gphone Applying A Filter
Gphone tuning into the Leak
Hydrant Main – Good
Steel Leak
Ground-Mike LocatorHand- Probe LocatorCombined Locator
1 Amplifier with waist belt1 Amplifier with waist belt1 Amplifier with waist belt
1 Ground microphone1 Hand-probe microphone1 Ground microphone
1 Ground-mike rod3 Probe rods1 Hand-probe microphone
1 Stereo headphones1 Tripod foot1 Ground-mike rod
1 Connecting cable1 Stereo headphones3 Probe rods
1 Operating manual1 Connecting cable1 Tripod foot
2 Year Warranty1 Operating manual1 Stereo headphones
2 Year Warranty1 Connecting cable
1 Operation manual
2 Year Warranty
1 Carrying case (optional)

Technial Specifications

Leak noise analysis: Minimum level indication
Frequency response: 1-5000 Hz
Filters: All band + infinitely adjustable, narrow band-pass
Memory: 8 last measurements
Display: LCD with backlight
Power: 4 standard 1.5 V Alkaline batteries
Battery life: Typically 60 operating hours
Operating temperature: -10ºC to +55ºC (14ºF to 131ºF)
Dimensions: Ground microphone: Ø 150 mm x 150 mm (Ø 5.9 x 5.9”)
Hand-probe microphone: Ø 35 mm x 200 mm (Ø 1.4 x 7.9”)
Amplifier: 150 x 100 x 50 mm (5.9 x 3.9 x 2”)
Weights: Ground microphone: 1.6 kg (3.5 lb.)
Hand-probe microphone: 0.4 kg (0.9 lb.)
Amplifier: 0.27 kg (0.6 lb.)