Noise Activated Warning Signs

SafeEar MAX Noise Alert

  • XXL large sign 650mm square
  • Illuminates a highly visual warning safety message when noise levels reach critical levels 80dB(A) and above
  • Large high-intensity blue beacon flashes when noise levels exceed selected trigger
  • Weather protected and mobile
  • Ideal for use in large, complex construction/demolition sites or factories
  • Adjustable, high-intensity white LED technology for maximum impact
  • Data logging feature and reporting software supplied as standard
  • 110v site power supply as standard
  • Developed in collaboration with Costain in the UK

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SafeEar –┬áNoise Activated Warning Sign

Monitoring workplace noise levels with SafeEar Noise Activated Warning System

An innovative wall-mounted noise activated warning sign that flashes a warning when noise levels become too high and hearing protection must be worn or when noise levels must be kept down. For constant noise measurement of safe noise levels.

  • Quick & simple to install
  • High-intensity white LED technology for visual impact
  • Suitable for both quiet and noisy environments (perfect for construction sites, factories, universities, libraries, nightclubs)
  • Four standards warnings to cover all applications
  • Available in any language

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