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    Accudata Ltd can supply a wide range of environmental measurement products to meet your hire requirements.

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  • If you need real time detection and data logging of airborne aerosols, dusts and fumes the Microdust Pro is for you.

    This robust instrument is easy to use and provides you with additional qualitative data which isn't gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone. The instrument is exceptionally adaptable and can also be used with a range of accessories for static and size selective sampling applications. More details...

  • This kit contains everything you'll ever need for all of your Dust and Vapour Air Sampling requirements. It’s really simple to use and there’s no complicated set up. Having Atex certification means it is suitable for use in hazardous areas. This high quality Air Sampling Kit is suitable for use in all applications. The Sidekick dust & vapour deluxe pump is supplied with IOM & Cyclone heads, Tubing and Rotameter. More details...
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