• If you need to carry out short or long-term Environmental noise measurements then the Sonus Weatherproof Outdoor Noise Logging System is for you. It’s the perfect system for the measurement of Environmental Noise Surveys and short/medium term measurements. The Sonus Weatherproof System comes provided with all that's necessary and at a very competitive price. Included within the system is a 140 hour battery, with an additional option of an external power supply which enables over 40 days of running time for those long-term monitoring requirements.
  • Ideal for a wide range of noise monitoring applications this Outdoor Noise Monitor is a powerful and easy to use system, You will be provided with all the equipment you need to get started with your measurements. Your data can be exported as a CSV file ready for your analysis or you can use Cloud based software for further analysis.

    This Outdoor Noise Monitor is a robust, proven measurement system that is perfect for a wide range of noise monitoring applications.

  • The premium offering in the Nova range for both Noise at Work and Environmental noise measurement. These Sound Level Meters include all measurement functions including 1:1 Octave Band Filters and Statistical Ln values.  
  • The Nova outdoor noise measurement kit is perfect for 24/7 compliant outdoor noise measurements. The WK3-N outdoor noise measurement kit measures noise continuously for 14 days. The kit includes everything you need to measure noise outside in any weather. Supplied with a Nova Class 1 decibel meter for the complete solution to accurate, external noise measurements  
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