• Capture, record and calculate workers' noise exposure easily for over 30 hours with our innovative NoisePen personal sound exposure meter. The NoisePen has no cables, displays or controls, and needs no separate charger or reader unit, making it simple to use and the perfect solution for monitoring Noise at Work over a whole day or week especially for shift workers, lone workers, confined-space workers and people working in remote areas. The NoisePen is fully compliant with noise measurement standards. More details...  
  • The Model 22 noiseBadge system ideal for occupational noise at work and industrial hygiene noise measurements. The revolutionary personal noise dosemeter is a self-contained noise measurement device which accurately and simply assesses and captures the true noise exposure of workers. This robust instrument has no cables, displays or controls, making it the perfect solution for personal noise measurement for people on the move, shift workers, lone workers and people working in remote areas. More details...  
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