Accudata Magnetic Battery Powered Live Tracker


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Accudata Magnetic Vehicle and Machine GPS Tracker with up to 12 months battery life and live real time tracking

Our most advanced battery powered tracking device is supplied set up and ready to track

This easy to use tracker is perfect for any vehicle or machine. The tracking device has no wires or antennas making is very easy to conceal and therefore very difficult for a thief to locate.  The tracker has an impressive rechargeable battery life of up to 12 months in smart sleep mode eliminating the need for constant charging. Included in the price of the tracker is a full 12 months live tracking and sim card data, removing the worry about topping up a sim or buying location credits. Live tracking is not limited to the UK but throughout Europe and another 70 countries. Additional years of tracking are available to purchase up front at a discount or simply renew at the end of your first 12 months at a cost of £50 per year.

Everything you need is supplied with the tracker  – USB Charger, Carry bag and your login details to access our live tracking server.


Size: 112mm x 78mm x 28mm

With enviably low running costs and no hidden extras this tracker is hugely popular. Unlimited live real time tracking for 12 months is included.   After the first year, we’ll send you a reminder that your renewal is due. The renewal cost for a further 12 months is £50 (That is only 13 pence a day). 


Live Tracking Included
12 months unlimited
Live Real Time Tracking
Full access to live tracking platform

Track on your phone or PC
Simply download the free tracking app and control your tracker

Simple to install

Fully set up ready to track
Up to 12 months on one charge

Live Tracking when you need it:

  • See all your tracking devices on one screen.
  • Full feature google mapping including Street View and Live Traffic conditions.
  • Click on any of your vehicles or machines to zoom in and get individual data.
  • Check on locations, speeds and routes at a glance.
  • Cross browser and platform compatibility.

Full History of Movements.

  • Check on actual routes and speeds of your vehicles.
  • Get an insight into history, fast and detailed. Where the assets moved, when and how they did it.
  • Detailed history of every trip for 3 years, including all information relative to movements and events.
  • Quick checks of any data from the past is possible through tracks list and map views with events filtering.
  • The Time Machine feature is enables users to roll back in time and playback former movements and events as if they were passing through the time.

Events and Alerts.

Wherever you are, you will be instantly alerted to important or disruptive activities.

  • Easily add and manage event rules using intuitive wizard tool that guides you through selecting event type, choosing affected assets, setting geofence and time restrictions, and event specific parameters.
  • Get real-time notifications to know what’s happening, the moment it happens. Choose to receive alerts via SMS, Email, push notification direct to your phone. The message contains all relative information including the map link where it happened.
  • Unlike many traditional systems that can only alert user in an alarm events generated by devices, our sytem lets you know what’s happening with dozens of server-side monitored events, such as jamming detection, long idling or sensor value range exceeding.

Full Reporting and Automated Reports.

Dynamic reports provides a current, comprehensive view of all business activities, fleet usage and mobile workforce effectiveness.

  • Retrieve detailed and summary reports about trips, visits, fleet and mobile workforce activity, fuel monitoring, driving quality, safety to help you run your business more efficiently.
  • Get an easy, accurate read of everything going on from different perspectives. Use interactive tables and graphs, export results as Excel and PDF files or get them emailed to your inbox on a regular basis.
  • See detailed information about every business asset, compare teams and groups of vehicles, or get summary efficiency overview to grow successfully.
  • Analyse data across multiple assets  with optimized algorithms, distributed computing, data caching and background pre-processing.

Advances Task Manager.

Task Manager lets you manage your mobile workforce in the most efficient way. It is based on GPS location of the employees and Tasks, assigned to them.

  • Create tasks quickly on the map or on the timeline. Make tasks copies and schedule repeated tasks. Import tasks from ERP and CRM systems with API and file uploading tool.
  • Assign tasks to employees, set due dates and times, set possible delay and minimum duration to figure out your current level of customer service.
  • View tasks by selected date range, by status, by employee or by tags.
  • Use analytic reports to see how your employees success. Compare individual workers and teams. See how your efforts increase an overall productivity from month to month.

Fleet Manager Tools.

Fleet Manager is one of the built-in apps for fleet operators and contains a huge range of tools for improving fleet productivity and safety.

  • Internal database keeps everything about vehicles and drivers. It collects all technical and routine data about the usage, maintenance and accidents, which received from tracking devices and or manually by dispatchers.
  • Check the fuel spend patterns for each driver, accurately calculate costs and improve fuel economy..
  • Encourages drivers to adopt a better driving style and decrease accident rates with individual monitoring of driving behavior. See how it affects on costs related to vehicle repair and fuel consumption.
  • Monitor personal usage of vehicles outside working hours and more accurately calculate working hours.


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