Flir E5 Thermal Camera Hire

£145.00 / week

The FLIR E5 continues the ease of use available on FLIR’s latest edition of Thermal cameras. With a 120 x 90 Thermal resolution this camera is versatile enough to be used on a variety of applications. The E5 is extremely sensitive down to < 0.10°C thus granting it the ability to take images suitable for electrical, heating and plumbing inspections. The camera takes Thermal and digital images simultaneously, pairing them within the playback menu. This feature ensures an engineer can quickly reference the exact problematic area in any situation. More details…




The FLIR E5 thermal camera is ideal for first time users, bringing point-and-shoot simplicity to your thermal inspections. Requiring no previous experience to operate, it provides a real-time thermal overview of the subject allowing faults and problem areas to be quickly located.

The FLIR E5 has an improved 120 x 90 resolution for greater image quality and is the perfect choice for general electrical, heating and plumbing inspections where its ability to quickly detect problem areas means that breakdowns can be avoided.

With a focus-free wide angle lens that offers a 45 degree viewing angle, the FLIR E5 is equipped to capture larger areas from a shorter distance while a built-in visual camera takes digital images that can be used alongside thermal images as a reference point for easier fault location and more comprehensive reporting.

It is equipped with a picture-in-picture feature which is a thermal image inserted into a digital image as well as FLIR’s patented MSX imaging technology. The unique MSX feature adds visual definition to your thermal images through a fusion of digital image detail overlayed onto the thermal image (see additional image thumbnails for examples). In many cases, this makes identifying the thermal image much easier with having the added visual aid.


  • Thermal Resolution: 120 x 90
  • Temperature range:  – 20 to 250°C
  • >0.10°C (100mk) Thermal Sensitivity
  • Built-in Digital Camera
  • Field of View (FOV) 45° × 34°
  • Very easy to operate


  • Underfloor water leaks
  • Electrical inspections
  • Blockages in radiators and pipework

Kit Includes:

The FLIR E5 comes supplied in a robust carry case complete with charger, calibration certificate and a download lead. The camera is also supplied with FLIR’s Tools Software used for post analysis of your images. Users can add temperature measurements to the thermal image retrospectively in the software, add notes, create and customise professional reports. The quality of FLIR Tools software goes hand in hand with the quality of the camera and combined they form a powerful thermal imaging package. FLIR Tools is both Windows and Mac compatible.

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