Sidekick Dust and Vapour Pump Hire

£80.00 / week

This kit contains everything you’ll ever need for all of your Dust and Vapour Air Sampling requirements. It’s really simple to use and there’s no complicated set up. Having Atex certification means it is suitable for use in hazardous areas. This high quality Air Sampling Kit is suitable for use in all applications.

The Sidekick dust & vapour deluxe pump is supplied with IOM & Cyclone heads, Tubing and Rotameter. More details…



Simplicity of use and reliability are the key benefits of the Sidekick Dust and Vapour Deluxe Sampling Pump. It is an ideal entry level pump with outstanding build quality. A clear snap down cover provides protection of the controls and also prevents the unit being accidentally switched off when in use. The Sidekick is suitable for dust and gas sampling projects because of its wide flow range.

The constant pressure controller and low flow adapter are used for the achievement of lower flows. A timer and ATEX approval are also provided as standard. The snap shut case covers the Sidekick’s controls and prevents the unit being accidentally shut off whilst it is in use. They have a flow range of 5-3000 millilitres per minute. A CPC and a low flow adapter provide the option to sample gases and vapours for up to 500 millilitres per minute. A huge advantage of this system is that it supports the multi-tube sampling at the same time from one pump all at different flow rates. The Sidekick is a popular choice as it has  Having the ability to sample for different hazards without the need of multilple pumps makes this system a popular choice for many applications.

Features of this Sidekick Dust and Vapour Pump Rental:

  • Flow Range 5 – 3000 ml/min
  • Low Flow Capabilities
  • Multi Tube Sampling in Low Flow
  • Built in Particle Trap
  • Built in Dampener
  • High Accuracy Clock
  • Light Weight
  • Simple to Use
  • Manually Adjustable
  • Robust Case
  • Battery or Mains Operated

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Operating Range5-3000 ml/min (5-500 requires adapter)
Dimensions76 x 126 x 44mm
Flow Control+5% Set Point Constant Flow
Run Time8 hours minimum at 2500-3000 ml/min and 15″ water
Operating Temperature-20°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity0 to 95% relative
Compensation Range1000 ml/min 5-25″ water back pressure
2000 ml/min 0-25″ water back pressure
2500 ml/min 0-20″ water back pressure
3000 ml/min 0-15″ water back pressure
Battery PackPlug in rechargeable NiCad. 2.0 Ah, 4.8 Volts DC
Timer Accuracy+ 0.1%

Sidekick Deluxe Single Pump Dust & Vapour Kit includes:

  • Sidekick Deluxe pump with NiMH battery pack, and single charger, screwdriver set,
  • Sidekick Step by step guide,
  • Single adjustable tube holder,
  • Constant pressure controller,
  • Protective tube covers,
  • 1 metre length of Tygon tubing’
  • Plastic cyclone sampler,
  • IOM Multidust sampler,
  • Tube breaker,
  • Calidaptor, and
  • Operating manuals in a carry case.

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