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Monitoring Ground Vibration arising from Piling and Civil Engineering Projects

This guide is intended for use by anyone who wishes to gain a basic
understanding of how to monitor and quantify ground borne vibration arising from piling and other activities caused by civil engineering works.

The author has many years’ experience working in the field measuring
vibration in order to prevent damage to structures during building projects.


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Blast Monitoring – Chore or Helpful Indicator? – Published in the February 2013 edition of Quarry Management.

It is said that in the 1960s a quarry manager’s response to a complaint of vibration might have been to visit the complainant’s home just before a blast and theatrically balance a three-penny bit on its edge on the windowsill. If it remained upright after the blast, which it almost always did, the inference was that there were no vibration problems.

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A Guide for users of seismographs equipped with tri-axial geophones

guide-seismographsWhen undertaking civil engineering works that create vibration, for example: piling, compaction, breaking and demolition, it is good practice and may be necessary to show compliance with conditions by monitoring ground-borne vibration.  This is achieved using a seismograph in order to prevent damage to structures or nuisance to people.


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